Operation and goals of  Mád Wine Academy of the University of Debrecen

“How happy can this countryside be, where such honeyed springs burst out of the crumbly motherland! What cheerful, balanced, healthy people can live in Hungarian Tokaj! What cheerful harmony can live there. What hot love, how much culture, loyalty, friendship, intellect! They sit on the banks of the golden river and enjoy it. That's how I imagine the homestead of the Greek Gods on Olympus. " Anatole France

This is how Anatole France, a Nobel Prize-winning French writer (1844-1924), described the experience that a glass of Tokaji aszú meant to him. He received the already world-famous  Aszú as a gift from his secretary Ottília Markus in Paris who was a writer-painter of Hungarian origin. And what a coincidence, the writer's husband György Bölöni,  Endre Ady's peer and good friend, he was also the great-grandson of Ferenc Kölcsey, the poet of our national anthem, who sang the Tokaj aszú in the third verse of our national anthem 100 years earlier:

„For us on the plains of the Kuns

You ripened the wheat

On the vineyards of Tokaj

You dripped sweet nectar. "

Kölcsey was a student of the Debrecen Reformed College for 14 years. The College founded in 1538 was the scene of the revolutionary parliaments of the government that fled to Debrecen during the Revolution and War of Independence in 1848-49, and it was also the legal predecessor of the University of Debrecen. In terms of legal continuity, it is the oldest continuously operating higher education institution in Hungary.  

The Mád Wine Academy is an organizational unit of the University of Debrecen located in Mád, the aim is to coordinate and fund research activities that support the awareness of the wine region to both the Hungarian and the world's wine-loving public. On one hand, these are medical programs in which we research bioactive compounds in Mád's high-quality wines that have a positive effect on health. On the other hand, field research which results can be incorporated into today’s trendy wine marketing approach that emphatically communicates “terroir,” the unique place of production. The most important expected result of the research is the endowment of wines from the historic wine region with unique scientific marketing, acceptance of its special nature by both consumers and the scientific community. As an indirect effect of the results obtained in this way, the wine-related activities of Mád and its region receive scientifically based marketing support. The Academy was established on the basis of a strategic agreement between the Mád Circle Association for the Protection of Origin, the Municipality of Mád and the University of Debrecen.


Updated: 2022.05.06.

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