Wines and Minerals

In addition to the University of Debrecen research, a PhD dissertation is being written about the rocks and minerals of Mád. We asked supervisor Dr Ferenc Kristály and author Dr Endre Demeter-Novák about it.

What answer is the research looking for?

We gave our research theme the title “Mobilisation of macro- and micro elements in the relation of vine roots and rocks”. The subject explores the relationship between plant and soil through geology, horticulture and winemaking. One of the most important aspects of the Tokaj Wine Region, that is a World Heritage Cultural Landscape, is the bedrock into which the vines root. This gives wines made here a unique character. It has an unmistakable and significant influence on the product, thus putting the locals and the tourist sector at an advantage. In practice this outstanding unique Hungarian product, a Hungarikum, has advantages in terms of national economy and image.

What do you expect from the research? What are you going to study?

In the research we would like to

  • identify the trace elements in the bedrock, the stones and the soil,
  • examine the absorption of elements in the root systems,
  • measure the concentration of materials examined in the soil and plants,
  • measure the presence of terroir-specific elements in fermented wine, with particular focus on Furmint as the indigenous variety of our wine region, with various volcanic soils and to examine the chemical composition.

As the result of the research we would like to support the well-known results of organoleptic judgements with chemical tests, to discover the tendency of the link between so-called mineral wines and the geology and soils of the terroir. If we are able to exactly describe the character of wines produced from Hungarian volcanic soils and also their health-giving properties with exact scientific measurements, then this will make the value of our treasure more tangible and would form the foundation of future biochemical research into the health benefits.

What motivates Endre Demeter in the research?

I have been making wine in Mád for about 20 years, and I am convinced that science can offer great assistance in increasing the international recognition of Tokaji wines in the 21st century. As I am currently teaching at the University of Miskolc’s Faculty of Healthcare’s Department of Theoretical Health Sciences and Healthcare, my attention is increasingly caught by aspects and output concerning the effects of mineral wines on the human body.

Updated: 2019.06.03.

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