Research Program

The Mád Wine Academy is a special wine science research and development institution based on the strategic cooperation agreement between the Municipality of Mád and the University of Debrecen. It is to be established at one of the most famous historical wine regions of Hungary in the territory of Mád

The academy will be established embedded in the organizational system and activities of the University of Debrecen, utilizing the historic buildings of the village of Mád.

The aim of the institution is the development and education of knowledge related to grape growing, wine-making, agriculture (not including winemaker professional training), wine-tourism, spiritual and scientific knowledge, furthermore the high-level research of health impact of the unique wines produced in the wine region and the operation of tourism infrastructure for educational purposes.

As a result of these activities, the wines produced in the region of Mád have the possibility to get in to special markets through the formulation of high added value, particularly on health, where the price of wine per bottle is significantly increased and the area has marketable, sustainable grape and wine production.

Scientific professional approach

The spirit of the Mád Wine Academy is based on the experience of education and research in multidisciplinary agricultural and nutrition science at the University of Debrecen and on the traditions of wine production in the settlement for more than half a century.
The multidisciplinary approach means that the most advanced agricultural science, chemical analytical, meteorological, microbiological scientific knowledge from vine growing to wine sales is applied in a complex way in wine science, similar to the practice of the world's most advanced wine science institutes (University of Auckland, Australia, AccademiaVino WSET, Milan, Italy) , etc.). On the other hand, it is due to the unique characteristics of the founding university that, in addition to the intrinsic values of the wines, the institution is able to examine the clinical effects of human physiology of the wine as well as the benefits of disease prevention or treatment. In the latter type of studies, the University of Debrecen has considerable experience.
One of the most important areas of the Tokaj wine region is the village of Mád and its surroundings, since this area has the highest proportion of wines marketed as vineyards.This vine-growing and wine-making culture can form the basis of a research development project in which the mayor of Mád, József Tatárka and the president of the Mád Circle, Sr. István Szepsy and Mr. Zsolt Vincze participated. From the University of Debrecen the Rector of the University Prof. Dr. Zoltán Szilvássy, the Director of the Institute of Pharmacology, Head of the Doctoral School of Nutrition and Food Science, Director of the Institute of Nutrition Sciences Prof. Dr. Zoltán Győri and Prof. Dr. Sipka Sándor Professor of Clinical and Chemical Analytical Sciences, and their colleagues attended.

Updated: 2022.02.10.

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